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Lions are considered as a king of the forest and it comes under the category of big cats. Merely the lions are found in African forest and Gir Forest in India. There are some subspecies involved in it consisting of about 250kg. 

Lions can live for 20 years, but if they internal fighting they can survive up to 10-14 years. Asiatic lions are in danger, so zoos are helping to save them. They are considered as nocturnal animals, as they sleep at day time and active at night times. Lions mainly do not hunt humans. 

Thus this was the general information of Lion, especially for children. Coming on to the point of clip arts, you will find a varied collection of Lions such as lion clipart black and white, lion face clipart, lion face clipart black and white, lion head clipart, roaring lion clipart, lion clipart outline, cute lion clipart, lion roar clipart. 

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